Cup of good music.
12. in 13. July 2024

About the festival

MareziJazz – international festival of big bands, as the name itself suggests, is a festival dedicated to presenting the music of big bands. The purpose of such a festival is to learn about, preserve and develop orchestral jazz music. In any case, the festivals’ genre is not limited to jazz and its subgenres, but with the original compositions in the repertoires of individual bands, it flirts with very diverse genres. The recognition of MareziJazz has grown considerably over the years due to the quality of its organisation, and both foreign and domestic bands take pride in their performance at this festival. This kind of event offers the musicians opportunities to network with fellow performers, and get to know new bands; it also represents the potential for establishing interesting collaborations. Of course, the event wants to share the quality music of top artists with the widest possible audience - from this point of view, there has never been an entrance fee to the festival. Additional accessibility of the music to the listeners worldwide is made possible by direct online streaming.

MareziJazz, which is the largest event with big band music in Europe, is already looking forward to the approaching round anniversary next year - this year MJ it is taking place for the 19th year in a row, without interruption.

You can watch the promo video here (author: Danej Brakić, music: The Bug Orchestra).


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