MareziJazz has been trying to be more environmentally friendly for years. Unfortunately, last year we didn't manage to avoid plastic water bottles. This year, for the first time, we will have drinking fountains at the venue, providing the refreshing Rižana spring water.

For the fourth year in a row, the drinks at the festival will be served in reusable glasses. You can get them for a deposit (2€ in cash, please have change), and at the end of the evening you can return them, or keep them as a memory of the pleasant atmosphere of the festival.

If you are not too resistant to coastal breeze or are likely to get cold, we would like to remind you to definitely take some slightly warmer clothes, as it can get cold on the Marezige view in the evening. For those for whom even this will not be enough, we have a limited number of MareziJazz blankets available, which we will lend against a deposit (cash).

Regular visitors will know that for the past few years the venue has been using the festival currency, muša. The concept of use is as follows: you can buy muše at the cashier’s, payment is possible both in cash and by card. You can then pay with your muše at the local vendors' market, for all the food and drinks, as well as at our bar and at our T-shirt stall.

The music will start at 8:00 p.m. on both evenings, and vendors at the market will be waiting for you from 7:30 p.m. onwards.


At MareziJazz we not only provide excellent music, but also an excellent range of local drinks and food.

At our bar, you can refresh yourself with a selection of soft drinks, local wine, interesting cocktails and traditional boula.

This year's local vendors’ market will once again host microbreweries from the Koper area, Naboj and Varuh, Malner Cider from Kozina will join us with their cider offer, and for those who prefer stronger drinks, there will be Istrape Distillery from Marezige.

So that we don't go hungry, our tastebuds will be treated by Di Kappa Truffles from Marezige, Organic farm Franca Igor with an offer of fresh fritters, pickled olives, olive oil and wine, and for those with more cosmopolitan tastes, Nori Sushi.


See you for a Cup of good music!